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Choose Your Favorite Indie Novel
The Eternity Brigade by Stephen Goldin
Doodling by Jonathan Gould
The Coming of the Fairies by Niko Silvester
The Card A Van Stone Novel by Jim Devitt
Excelsior by George H Sirois
Plotz by Marshall Bruney
Cavern Between Worlds by M.K. Theodratus
Patches of Grey by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
Pandora's Grave by Stephen England
Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden
Heaven Sent by Xavier Leret
Savage Fire by Ben Langhinrichs
My Novel Affair by Autumn Rosen
The River Runes by Ken Lindsey
Maureen: A Vampire Tale by Mark Mackey
Banocanut by Dan Schwartz
Middlemen: Born of Mud by Elton Gahr
Splintered: Sierra's Legacy by Leslie Ann Wright
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