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The Blind Lemon Top Twenty Cnadian Blues Albums of 2009
Select Your Three Favorite Canadian Blues Albums of 2009
Layla Zoe - "Fire Girl"
Chris Kirby - "Vampire Hotel"
Blackburn - "Brotherhood"
Harry Manx - "Bread & Buddha"
The Twisters - "Come out Swingin"
The Brothers Chaffey - "Bloodlines"
Clio & the Blues Highway - "My First Blues"
David Gogo - "Different Views"
Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt - "Slide To Freedom 2"
Harrison Kennedy - "One Dog Barkin'"
Blues Delight - "Open All Night"
Colin Linden - "From The Water"
Scott McCord & The Bonafide Truth - "Blues for Sunshine"
Terry Blersh - "Terry Blersh"
MonkeyJunk - "Tiger In Your Tank"
Jeff Healey Band - "Songs from the Road"
The Good Lovelies - "The Good Lovelies"
Raoul & the Bigtime - You My People
Downchild - "I Need A Hat"
David Rotunndo - "No Looking Back"
Danny Brooks - "Soulsville 3"
Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid - "Messin' With My System"
Jim Byrnes - "My Walking Stick"
Paul Reddick - "Sugarbird"
Braithwaite and Whiteley - "Night Bird Blues"
Poll starter: Terry Parsons   See Results

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