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These will look like: Poll: Would you support your country leaving the EU & Join EFTA?   View Results

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Indeed first you should give some idea to surfers what this button is for - for example type the question and the answers near this button.

If you can use HTML you can make it look like this:

Would you support your country leaving the EU & Join EFTA?
People are angry with the Lisbon Treaty being passed undemocratically across most EU states, would joining a rival Trade bloc EFTA (The European Free Trade Association) be a possible alternative..... if public support demands withdrawal of membership?
Yes, I'm angered the EU no longer listens... I want Out
Yes, if EFTA means more freedoms... I'm in
Yes, I would support withdrawal if an alternative was viable
No, I am angry but we cannot withdraw... we'll suffer badly
No, we should stay but fight our corner
No, I support Lisbon and do not want withdrawal
I'm apolitical on this issue
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