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These will look like: Poll: Choose your prompts for EreMin Smut week    View Results

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Indeed first you should give some idea to surfers what this button is for - for example type the question and the answers near this button.

If you can use HTML you can make it look like this:

Choose your prompts for EreMin Smut week
You can choose as many as possible, but please do not chose all of them. Starting now, you have a week to vote. I will chose the top 8 answers for EreMin week. Thank you for participating!!
Canonverse: Workout
Canonverse: Uniform kink
Hair kink
Feet/hands Kink
Dirty Talk
AU Adult - Youth (one of them is older than the other)
Blood kink
First time
Blood Kink
Threesome ( EreMin focused but with a 3rd party )
Voyeurism (can go with Masturbation)
In public
Wedding night
Poll starter: Anco   See Results

Just copy and paste the following code: