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We hope you know what to do with them...

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These will look like: Poll: What type of theme party should we throw next?   View Results

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Express your opinion!

Indeed first you should give some idea to surfers what this button is for - for example type the question and the answers near this button.

If you can use HTML you can make it look like this:

What type of theme party should we throw next?
It's for you guys so we want your opinion!
White Party
Dogs and Cats
Pajama Jam (Lingerie)
Beauties and Geeks
Black Party
Pimps and Hoes
Pirates and Wenches
Look A-like Party (Celebrity)
Cowboys and Native Americans
Sexy TA's and girls that want A's
Rock Party
90's Party
80's Night
70's Disco
Hawaiian Luau
Poll starter: Zach Stashis   See Results

Just copy and paste the following code: