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These will look like: Poll: What horse or dog breed should I have next?   View Results

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Indeed first you should give some idea to surfers what this button is for - for example type the question and the answers near this button.

If you can use HTML you can make it look like this:

What horse or dog breed should I have next?
Arabian Horse
Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog
Thouoghbred Horse
Shire Horse
Cocker Spaniel Dog
Pinto Horse
Doberman Pincher Dog
Shetland Pony
Labrador Retriever Dog
Morgan Horse
Labrador Retriever
Akhal-Teke Horse
Yorkshire Terrier Dog
Quarter Horse
Great Dane Dog
Appaloosa Horse
English Mastiff Dog
Rocky Mountain Horse
German Sheperd Dog
Mustang Horse
American Tundra (half Wolf + half German Shepherd)
Clydesdale Horse
Maltese Dog
Welsh Pony
See Results

Just copy and paste the following code: