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You can use this service to create your own independent polls and place them on your web-pages, blogs, forums, guestbooks, etc. Registration is not required.

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Why Use It?

Though some forums and blogs have built-in possibilities to create polls, many have not. Also, you may not be able to create polls if you are using a free hosting with no cgi and php abilities. In other words - you can use this service always when you do not have a possibility to create a poll with your own means. But this is not the only reason to use this service.
  • This service is independent. You cannot alter the results, so noone can say you are faking them.

  • This service has strong anti-cheat and anti-bot protection, if you need your poll to be fool- and cheater- proof. This is something that many poll scripts do not have.

  • The polls created using this service can be multiselectional (i.e. users can select more than one option), if you choose so. This appears to be unimportant, but sometimes you really need this, and many scripts do not do this at all.

  • This service does not require registration when many other services like this do.

Terms of Use:

  • Do not use this service for illegal purposes. Due to a limited nature of this service it's pretty hard, but still possible. For example - do not create polls that may be viewed as a propaganda of rasism or intentionally false or abusive information about some person or organization. Such polls will be deleted at first notice.

  • The poll stays active for 6 month since the last vote. If there is no votes for more than 6 months the poll gets closed. Then it still shows the results but also as long as the page receives some visitors. If there are no visitors for more than 6 months, the poll gets deleted.

  • This service is free of charge, but it can place an advertizing on the pages with your polls - normal text ads, banners and such. This service will not ever place popups or malicious code on the pages with your polls.


  • This service installs cookies to those who participate in the polls. This is made solely for the purposes of remembering of those who already voted so their votes are accounted only once. Those cookies are not used to collect any personal information or in any other way at all.

  • This service may collect information about IP addresses of those who participate in the polls. This happens only if the poll creator choses so and is made also solely for the purposes of remembering those who already voted. This information is not associated with your personal data and cannot be used for any other purposes as well.


  • Typical link to a page with a poll looks like this one: You recieve the links and html codes after you create a poll.

  • Do not change anti-bot settings if you do not understand them. By befault the polls are protected from autovoting (artificial voting by means of some software or html code) by javascript redirect, which is quite strong for most of cases. You can choose to use an image code confirmation which is more strong but very annoying for the real people. In most of cases you don't need this.

  • Do not change anti-cheat settings if you do not understand them. By befault the polls are protected from repetitive voting by cookie installation and IP logging. Do not turn off IP logging unless you expect visitors from the same organization like a school or company. Proxy blocking may be needed only if you expect some advanced cheating, which is really rare.

  • You can select to show or not to show the results of your poll to surfers who have not voted yet. Visible results may affect the decision of the voter. There is however a possibility you may find useful - when you select to show the results you can use a simple graphic representation of the poll to place on your pages as gif image (may be useful when you cannot use HTML code, for example - in some forums). Also if you select to show results you can use JavaScript representation of the poll on your pages, if you can use JavaScript at all, indeed.

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